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Regional Film industries

Assamesisch cinema

The assamesisch language film industry its origins, works in the revolutionary fantasievoll rupkonwar jyotiprasad S. K. Agarwala, who has also invoked it, dramatiker, composer and freedom fighters. He has participated in the production of the first film assamesisch joymati[ no. 136) 1935 under the banner of critrakala movietone. Because of the lack of qualified technicians, jyotiprasad, whereas his first film, had the burden of responsibilities as a screenwriter, producer, the director, choreograf, do , varieties and kostümbildner, and one musical leader. The film, with a budget of 60,000 rupees was released the March 10, 1935. The image failed miserably. Like many other Indian films early, print documents complete Macken and absence of joymati. Some efforts have been deprived of altaf mazid for the restoration and sub-title which is to the left of the printed. Despite the enormous financial loss of joymati, the second image indramalati rotated between 1937 and 1938 finally 1939 was judge.

Although the beginning of the 21st century has seen -- assamesisch films to the screen, the industry is not able, competition on the market, which is clearly in the shadow of the large enterprises as if .

Assamesisch cinema is not really succeeded in the breakthrough on the national scene in spite of his film making A Mark national distinctions in the over the years


Bengali cinema

The language bengalische cinematographic works of tradition tollygunge IS LOCATED IN THE WEST HAS RESEARCH HAVE as filmmaker Satyajit Ray, ritwik ghatak and mrinal sen the is . the latest films Bengali, the attention includes interregional rituparno ghosh's collar Bali, with large RAI. Bengali film also contains Bengali science fiction films and films WITH on social themes.  in 1993, the Bangladesh Industry the net power amounted to 57 films.

The history of the cinema in ; dates back in the 1890er, as the first "bioscopes" has been shown in theaters in Kolkata. Within a period of ten years, the first seeds of industry has any hiralal SEN, as a key cornerstone of our era cinema if he Highness BIOSCOPE, scenes of szenischen productions of a series of people's Time on the STAR theater, Calcutta, Minerva theater, classical theater. After a long period of legal vacuum after sen works, dhirendra Nath ganguly (D. G. ) Indo British Film Co, the first Bangladesh possession Enterprises, 1918. But, the first Bangladesh film, billwamangal, was 1919 under the banner of madan theater. ferat bilateral meeting was the first ibfc OF THE PRODUCTION 1921. The production of theater madan jamai shashthi was the first tonfilm Bangladesh.

1932 The name "tollywood" is a power of the film industry Bangladesh by tollygunge does with "Hollywood" and because it was at the center of the Indian film industry. It was inspired by the name by the suite" is ", as Mumbai (Bombay then what is called) overwhelmed by the suite tollygunge that the center of the Indian film industry, and a lot of other Hollywood-inspired name. The "parallel Cinema" movement began in the Bangladesh film in the 1950 years. A long history has since pitfalls have had to, with conductors such as Satyajit Ray, Mrinal SEN, ritwik ghatak and others have an international recognition and ensure the position of the history of cinema.


Bhojpuri cinema

Bhojpuri language films especially for those who, in the regions live of Western States and oriental Bihar Uttar Pradesh. These movies have a general public as in the metropolises Delhi and Mumbai of passage of these metro trains of Bhojpuri. In addition to India, there is a large market for these films in other German-speaking countries Bhojpuri BY THE West Indies, Oceania and South America. Bhojpuri language film the story begins in 1962 WITH A FILM ganga maiyya tohe piyari chadhaibo ( "mother corridor, i will give thee a Sari yellow" ), Kundan Naidu. in the following decades, cinema or have been only. Films like bidesiya ( "abroad", 1963, staging: P. N. tripathi) and ganga (corridor", 1965, scene: Kundan Naidu) have been the profits and expensive, but, in general Bhojpuri films have not been often in 1960 and 1970.

The Community industry has experienced a boom in 2001 with the super hit saiyyan hamar ( "My treasure", under the auspices of Mohan A), the inclusion of the hero of the film, Ravi Kissan, manufacturers. This success was very quickly followed by several other remarkable success movies, including of the batai na biyah KAB province ( "priests, clarify for me when i marriage", 2005, staging: mohan A) and sasura bada Paisa equal wala ( "My-, the rich man", 2005). In a measure of the film industry Bhojpuri the increase, the two have much better in the States of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as main site is in this period, and the two films, on the budget extremely close, won more than ten times their costs of production decrease. even if a small industry compared to other Indian cinema, extremely rapid success of their films has led to a dramatic increase in cinema Bhojpuri the point of view, and the industry now supports a show Award" and a magazine, Bhojpuri city.


Chhattisgarhi cinema

Chhollywood do 1965 with the first film chhattisgarhi healing Kahi debe sandesh" prints ( "black and white" ), governed and produced by manu mayak has been released. it was a love story and intercaste it is said that the Indian Prime minister Madam ex-Gandhi foresaw a film. [Quote necessary] [Dr. , who has written the?] lyrics for the cinema, and two songs of Indian cinema has been said of singer was murdered Mohammad rafi. Then, the next, tiwari research teams and is looking at the ghar dwar targeted in 1971, manufactures vijay Naidu responsible. But the two films were not well of the kinokassen and disappointed the producers. Is not a film was produced[necessary clarification] for nearly 30 years later.


Gujarati cinema

The cinema of Gujarat has started its journey 1932. Since gujarati films contributed enormously to this that Indian cinema. gujarati cinema has popularity in the film industry regional in India. gujarati cinema is always on the basis of scripten of mythology, the history and social, political. Since its birth gujarati cinema that of stories and the themes of Indian society. In addition, Gujarat has enormous contribution AS TO WHETHER gujarati several actors glamour have for the Indian film industry. gujarati film, the work of artists sanjeev Naidu, Rajendra Naidu, bindu, asha Parekh, Kiran Naidu, Arvind trivedi, Aruna Iranian, reported mallika sarabhai, naresh kanodia, Mahesh kanodia and asrani.

The skripte and stories related to the Gujarat (India) the films are quite on the human level. They include relationship- and the family focused on themes with ambition and the human management with indian family culture. Therefore, it is not abandonment of the nature of humanity gujarati these movie theaters. The first gujarati film, narasinh Mehta, was in 1932, and has been placed under the direction of nanubhai the Koran-door. The film has played mohanlala, marutirao, Master manhar and Miss mehtab. He was of the "Saint" film genre and is based on the life of Saint narasinh Mehta observed, a creed that centuries has been followed by the result of Mahatma Gandhi. The film was incredibly as it is possible to prevent the presentation of miracles. 1935, Another social film, ghar jamai has been released, led by homi Master. The film has played heera, jamna, Baby nurjehan, amoo, alimiya, and jamshedji and veramon rasool. The film has been a "RESIDENT dim-in-law (ghar jamai) and of his pranks and his attitude problem in relation to the freedom of women. It was a comedy-oriented the film has been a great success in this sector.

Films gujarati was important with several other social, political and religious. The years 1948, 1950, 1968, 1971 in a large number of dimensions. State of Gujarat (India) Films such as for example.kariyavar, conduct by chaturbhuj doshi, vadilona vank staging of ramchandra thakur, gadano elev ratibhai GOVERNED punatar and leeludi dharti development scene: vallabh Armeane Choksi has been a success in this sector. The problems of the modernization, the concerns which underlies several films. The films as gadano elev had strong realism and European.


Hindi Cinema

Hindi Film Industry of Mumbai-also knows that is the largest, most branch of the ocean and in the cinema. Hindi cinema initially encompasses several points of caste and culture in the films as achhut kanya (1936) and Sujata ( 1959) . international notoriety, industry kapoor raj awara's, then in shakti Samantha everything's aradhana starring rajesh khanna and Sharmila Dhun, carrier Tagore. Hindi Cinema, in 1990 by the publication of as much as 215 films.  with dulhania the jayenge dilwale, Hindi Cinema registered their commercial presence in the western world.

For 1995, the Indian economy has begun, a sustainable annual growth, and Hindi Cinema, as a commercial company, have registered a growth of 15 per cent per year. the remuneration of stars, the lead which has greatly increased. Many players sign treaties for simultaneous work to 3-4 films.  institutions as for example. The Industrial Development Bank of India also for the financing Hindi films. ( 27) a number of newspapers such as filmfare, Stardust, cineblitz, etc. , very much appreciated.

The publikumsresonanz in Hindi Cinema, irreplaceable with the participation to the films of public applause, sing, rezitieren officials deal with the actors.


Kannada cinema

Statue of rajkumar in kilograms by road (near santosh it theater) in bengaluru

Kannada film industry, including as sandelholz, has its headquarters in bengaluru and is mainly to the federal State in Karnataka. rajkumar was eminently kannada film in industry. In his professional career , he was multiple it signed and hundreds of blood songs of film and albums. Other remarkable and tulu kannada actors include vishnuvardhan, ambarish, winner proud ravichandran narasihman, magnituden girish karnad, Prakash raj, Shankar nag, ananth nag, upendra, darshan, sudeep, Ganesh, shivaraj Naidu, puneet rajkumar, Kalpana, the Bharathi, jayanthi, pandari BAI, Tara, umashri and Ramiyah.

Film directors of the Kannada film industry magnituden as girish kasaravalli, P. sheshadri, collected national recognition. Other directors, puttanna kanagal, G. V. Iyer, magnituden girish karnad, T. p. nagabharana, upendra, yograj bhat, soori. G. K. venkatesh Sankaran, vijaya bhaskar, rajan-nagendra, hamsalekha, gurukiran, anoop Seelin and harikrishna % are other sectors of the music.

Kannada film, with Bengali and Malayalam film, has also contributed to the age of indian Cinema parallel. A few of the films is kannada in this kind are samskara (based on a novel of U. R. ananthamurthy), chomana pay is due by B. V. karanth, tabarana käthe, vamshavruksha, kadu kudure, hamsageethe, bhootayyana maga ayyu, accident, maanasa sarovara, ghatashraddha, tabarana käthe, have, kraurya, thaayi saheba "deceased designated of Kasmanda, dweepa. munnudi, atithi, Beru", thutturi, vimukthi, bettada jeeva, bharath stores


Konkani cinema

Language Konkani films are used primarily in Goa. This is one of the smallest OF THE in India with only 4 movies in 2009. language Konkani spoke in particular in the United States of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka and to a lesser extent in Kerala. The first film full length Koncar mogacho anvddo was published the April 24, 1950, and has been produced and under the auspices of braganza with a native of mapusa, under the banner of the visit of the Pope images. as well, the April 24 will be celebrated as Konkani film day. the Indian ocean Union in Karnataka, the crossroads for a good number of Konkani speaking people. There is an immense Konkani literary and artistic in Karnataka. Several films have been in the federal State in the Karnataka Konkani people. kazar (english: marriage) is a film 2009 Koncar under the auspices of Mr. Richard castelino and manufactures of Frank Fernandes. Konkani film "ujvaadu" - generate a new light on old age issues. The director and the producer of the film Koncar "ujvaadu", kasaragod Chinna, including the name of the step is sujeer Srinivas Sunder RAO. The film will open the track mangalorean Konkani is mog ANI maipas. It has been very well of the filmmaker in Karnataka.


Malayalam Cinema

The film industry Malayalam, (some film magazine call mollywood), has its headquarters in Kerala. It is regarded as the fourth in the sectors of activity in India. Malayalam Film is known for the films that the gap between the parallel Cinema and the cinema with main stimulant idea of social problems more high technical quality of perfection, but with low budgets. Indian filmmaker are multiple cinema-INSTITUTION adoor Gopalakrishnan, shaji N. karun rivers", G. aravindan, K. G. George, padmarajan, sathyan anthikad, T. V. chandran and bharathan.

Vigathakumaran, a silent film released 1928 Production and governed J. C. Daniel, marked the beginning of Malayalam Cinema.  Balan, published 1938, was the first malayalam "tonfilm"  malayalam films have been mainly of Tamils producers in 1947, as the first major film studio, Udaya Lagna studio, has been to Kerala Indian Union. 1954, the film neelakkuyil covers national interests for the benefit of the president silbermedaille. written by the famous writer Malayalam, uroob, and under the auspices of P. Andreas l and ramu kariat, it is often that the first true malayali of tiles film.  daily the young, by a group of students in 1955, was the first neo-realistic film in India. chemmeen (1965), under the auspices of ramu kariat and based on a history of thakazhi sivasankara pillai, very appreciated and was the first South Indian film to win the National Film Award" for the best feature film.

The period at the end of 1980 up to 1990-years ago, as the proverb "era of the golden rule malayalam Cinema' of the emergence of actors mohanlal, mammootty, researcher Gopi, Jayaram lives, fortune murali, thilakan and nedumudi and filmmaker come as i. V. Sasi, bharathan, padmarajan, K. G. George, sathyan anthikad, priyadarshan, A. K. lohithadas, Siddique-test , tk rajeev Naidu and sreenivasan. In 2012, the total number of Malayalam "liberated, if 128, of which approximately 40 films manages the profitability threshold to achieve.


Marathi Cinema

Marathi Cinema is the Marathi films in the language in State of Maharashtra, India. marathi Cinema is one of the oldest industry in the Indian cinema. In effect, the pioneer of the cinema at the dadasaheb was Indian Union phalke, of the revolution of animated images on India with its first equipment manufactured in Korea have been submitted, silent film Raja harishchandra 1913, iffim and nifd part of marathi Cinema as it has been of a crew marathi.

The first marathi walkie-talkie -film, Raja ayodhyecha (prabhat manufactures of film) was 1932, only a year after "Alam ARA" the first Hindi -film. marathi Cinema, in the past few years , with two of its films, namely "shwaas" (2004) and "harishchandrachi Factory" (2009), that India the documents entries for the discount. Today, the sector having its headquarters in Mumbai, the Maharashtra, but it grows and develops first of kolhapur and Poona.

There are many "Marathi, the list of best films of marathi is a very large very little can be designated as "sangate shorttrackerin aika" , "EK vain Gao bhangdi, "pinjara" of V. shantaram, "sinhasan", "paathlaag" "jait UC jait" "saamana", santh wahate krishnamai" , "Sant' Tukaram, , SE "shyamchi" of theater Acharya, based in sane guruji's best novel se shamchi, and so on. Maharashtra has enormous contribution to maharashtrian several actors glamour have for the Indian film industry. marathi film, the work carried out by the actors, including, nutan, tanuja, v shantaram, the Dr shriram lagoon, Ramesh and Seema DEV DEV, Nana patekar, ; Dr. Smita Patil, madhuri dixit, Sonali Kulkarni, Sonali bendre, urmila matondkar , MORE lagoon, lalita Pawar, mamta Kulkarni, Nanda, Padmini kolhapure, sadashiv amrapurkar, Sachin khedekar, Durga khote, and the other


Oriya Cinema

The industry oriya film bhubaneswar is the basis cuttack and Oriya language film industry. Sometimes "w ith a mischwesen BETWEEN WORDS oriya and Hollywood, even if the origin of the name is controversial. is the first oriya walkie-talkie -SITA bibaha was of Mohan sunder the Goswami, 1936. shreeram Panda, prashanta Nanda, uttam Mohanty, bijay mohanty began the revolution of oriya cinema not only to maintain a very large public but also a novelty in its presentation. His films already in the era of the oriya gold commercial industry in fresh, Oriya films. then the first color film was the have Ray and one by a Poona film institute forms cameraman Mr. Surendra sahu entitled "gapa ANDRE, SATA- "- importance then that there is a history, it is true. But the phase of gold oriya Cinema, 1984, of two oriya cinema "Maya miriga' and 'dhare alua" has been "Panorama Indian" and nirad Mohapatra " Maya miriga" Invitation to "critical" -week in Cannes. The film is replaced by "best Third World film Award" in Mannheim film Festival, jury Award" to Hawaii and has been to London Film Festival.


Punjabi cinema

K. D. mehra of the first Punjabi film Sheila (also known as something like di kudi).  Baby noor jehan has been regarded as an actress and singer was murdered in this film. Sheila has been in Calcutta (now kolkata) and released in Lahore, the capital of the province Punjab, it has started with a lot of success and has been a hit in the province. Because of the success of this first film a lot of other producers, Punjabi films. As the 2009, Punjabi Film Production has between 900 and 1,000 movies. The average number of you per year in 1970 was nine, in 1980, eight, and in 1990, the six. In 1995, the number of films was 11, they have dropped from seven in 1996 and only affects only five for 1997. Since the 2000er years the Punjabi Film HAS A revival of more you per year, with a larger budget, Home grown stars that if actors of Punjabi descent are involved. manny parmar the first 3D Punjabi film, pehchaan 3D in 2013.


Sindhi Cinema

Although the aspiration to survive, especially, because not of a State or region to represent, Sindhi cinema films produced in intervals of time. The first film Sindhi manufactured in India, has been 1958 film abana, has been a success throughout the country. IN THE STAGE ONWARD Sindhi Cinema, WAS THE PRODUCTION OF A FEW movies if - as HAL ta bhaji haloon, parewari, dije DIL DIL-waran and, has worsened Ho pyar kare dis: feel the force of love and the erwachens. There are many personalities of Sindhi origin, there have been and, as a contribution to their g p if trinkbecher in this Assembly is , their ramesh trinkbecher of this Assembly is , nikhil Advani, Tarun mansukhani, ritesh Sidhwani, general manager, asrani and much more.


Tamil Cinema

The Tamil language film industry, also known as kollywood, is in India the three largest of the number of films per year are produced. It is based on kodambakkam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Tamil films in the different parts of Asia, South Africa, North and South America, Europe and Oceania. The economy has Tamil film in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada. Cinema Tamil dravidische policy and strongly influence.

In 1985, the Tamil film has their head, with a net power has been dubious - discuss films. (Source unreliable)

Some women actress have for origin Tamil, even if some of them did not have their first launch in Tamil Cinema. It includes vyjayanthimala, Hema malini, sridevi and meenakshi sheshadri, were also as "UN number "they of the Hindi film.


Telugu Cinema

Have: Cinema of Andhra Pradesh

Telugu Film is the second film industry in the country"  in the field of the annual production of films and revenues. In 2005, 2006 and 2008 the Telugu film industry, the largest number of films in India more than the number of films in 268, 245 and 286 films each year. during 2012, the industry telugu film, the second largest number of films in the country.

Ramoji film City, the Guinness World Record for the largest Film Production, is located in Hyderabad, India. Hyderabad is the only city in India, or it six functional film studios. THE a's IMAX Theater is located in Hyderabad, the largest in the world screen IMAX 3D and it is the most visited page in the world. The state Andhra Pradesh has the largest number of cinemas in India

N. T. Rama Rao, P. V. Ranga Rao, Kanta Rao, bhanumathi Ramakrishna, A and sobhan babu are the actors who the rashtrapati Award for the best performance to play a leading role" and sharada, archana, vijayashanti and P. L. Narayana, the actors, the "National Film Award" for the best service to act in this area. bomireddi narasimha reddy, paidi jairaj, L. V. A, B. nagi reddy, akkineni nageswara Rao, D. ramanaidu who have obtained dadasaheb phalke Award" for this sector.

Play back singer P. P. balasubramanyam believes that the Guinness world for most songs for all reproduction male singer in the world.  in 2002, the Guinness Book of records with the name of vijaya nirmala also with most of the number of films, she has 47 films. In a career of almost two decades, their behavior in more than 200 films with 25 and the Tamil Malayalam. They have been produced in addition, 15 films. telugu actors brahmanandam believes that the Guinness world for most of the films in a single language. film producer D. Rama, believes the Guinness Book of Records as the most widespread producers with 130 films. LARGEST NUMBER OF theaters in Andhra Pradesh India so far of 2809 10167 -times examined.


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